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We Are Serving in South Carolina

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Everything that has to do with painting and stain. Buildings, storage, stores houses, new projects new homes, remodeling houses, Painting & stain Services.

  • Painting & Stain
  • Houses
  • Building
  • Stores Storage
  • Metal Roofing
  • Painting
  • House Sheetrock Repairs
  • Sheetrock Tape And
  • Finishing
  • Walls Papers Removed
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Popcorn Take Off
  • Decks Fences Stained
  • Pressure Washing
  • Homes Buildings Stores
  • Metal Roof Washing
  • Driveways
  • Clay Title Roofs
  • Washing
    Cleaning Windows
  • Cleaning Gutter

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Commercial Painting

Weather you’re a general contractor, management company who manages apartments, rental or condos, or shopping centers, interior decorator, or a business owner, we are your best choice. Please cotact us for your competitive quote!

Residential Painting

We love working with home-owners! We understand what you need and how you are on bugets. Our pricing is always competitive. Please cotact us for your competitive quote!

Our Work Exterior Painting

A beautiful exterior paint job doesn’t only make you feel good (and look good to your neighbors and/or clients) it protects your surfaces and raises your neighborhoods value! Protect your investment from damage by water, rust, corrosion, moss, insects or mold with quality paint products. We help you choose the right formulations for the right application and budget! Choose from fade resistant, chip resistant, odor free, mold and fungi resistant, and more.

Our Work Interior Painting

Uplift any room with a fresh coat of paint! You’ll be surprised how a fresh coat of paint properly applied, and some creativity, can bring an uninteresting room back to life! We love to give all aspects of an interior attention – from ceiling, to doors and trim. We’ll guide you on the right paint (matt, gloss, etc.) for the right application, and if necessary match your existing walls!

Roof Washing Services

Low Pressure - Soft Washing | Mold & Mildew Removal - Prevent Further Growth | And More...

Building a house and maintaining it is very important. The need for maintaining several parts of a house arise as a result of different physical and chemical activities that affects the building. The roof is the first point of action, when we talk about various reactions. This is as a result of it’s position in a building. Building up of algae, mold, lichen and others on a roof reduces the life expectancy of the roof. Also oxidation of metallic roof also reduces the roof‘s life expectancy.

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